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Pregnant Woman and Partner

In Home Prenatal Visits

I offer compassionate and informative prenatal visits to reduce stress and support your well-being during pregnancy. Through evidence-based information, I assist you and your partner in informed decision-making. Each visit is a chance to connect and create a personalized plan. Services may include counseling, birth planning, massage, moxibustion, acupressure, and exercises. 

 Balanced Nutrition

Specializing in diets with food sensitivities, I provide prenatal nutritional support and encouragement as you grow a healthy baby and enjoy optimal health. I offer postpartum food prep services for all dietary genres including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and keto.

Healthy Balanced Meals
Newborn  care

Labor Support

Opting for a comfortable birthing environment, whether in a hospital or at home, has been proven to alleviate stress. I provide dedicated emotional and physical support tailored to your  care preferences. Utilizing evidence-based practices, I aim to enhance your likelihood of achieving the birth experience you desire. My expertise includes training in rebozo, acupressure, and spinning baby techniques.

Herbal Knowledge

Caution with herbs is a must during pregnancy and breastfeeding and should always be discussed with your care provider. I can support you as as you navigate the ins and outs of herbal safety and its proper applications in pregnancy and postpartum.

Natural Herbs For Labour and Postpartum
Breast Feeding Support

Breast Feeding/Lactation 


The first few weeks after birth are vital in establishing a milk supply for the baby later. I will provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate the experience and guide you to other resources that can help with possible challenges

Postpartum Visits

Postpartum visits,  will  reduce stress, allowing you to focus on healing and your baby. Services include light cleaning and house hold duties, baby/child care, managing visitors, and food preparation, and breastfeeding support. 

Postpartum Support
Birth Photography


As a hobby photographer, I am ready to capture the perfect moment your new baby arrives. This complimentary service    will enrich your  special day. Feel free to check out my Baby Photo gallery.

Back Pain
Stress Relief

I offer therapeutic back/body massage and acupressure for women 12 weeks prenatal to 4 weeks postpartum. Massage will help with lymphatic and blood circulation and will relieve back pain associated with pregnancy. Acupressure can be used to prepare the body for the emotional and physical challenges of birth.

Massage acupressure Spinning Babies Rebozo
Belly Painting Winnie the Pooh

Belly and Body Painting

 I have a creative side that I can't wait to share with you. Yes Belly painting is a passion of mine! I think all women have beautiful baby bumps and are the perfect canvas for a work of art. Belly painting can be done during a mother blessing, or baby shower or before a photo shoot.  Check out my Photo Gallery.

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