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My Mission

My mission is to harmonize the depths and intensity of childbirth with its sacredness so that you will look back on your journey, with reverence and awe.
I will support you and your family by promoting mindfulness and offering reliable services that facilitate an optimal birth experience. With an evidence-based holistic perspective, you can rely on me to help you navigate the ins and outs of prenatal visits, lifestyle, nutrition, and birth preparation. I will be your anchor during your most arduous moments with positive affirmations, breath, soothing speech, touch, and evidence-based techniques. With my assistance, your fear will turn to faith, your anxiety to resolve and you will soon discover your resilience and power as you gaze into your baby's eyes.  I would be truly honoured to walk with you on your birth journey.

Holding Newborn Baby
Pregnant Photography

Power of Mother


The most powerful force upon this planet is the sacrifice of old self,

which women undergo as they enter the deepest unimaginable depth of birth and emerge a new mother with an unbreakable bond of love for the miracle she cradles in her arms.

This mother-child bond is so deeply anchored within her new heart,

that it has the power to withstand the daily challenges that ebb and flow.

As a result, she becomes refined like a polished stone that creates ripples of energy throughout time and space.

That is the powerful force of a mother.

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