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Resting and Healing

Welcome To

Full Spectrum Doula services.
My name is Carleen and I'm going to help you embrace your birth. 

Baby's Grasp

My Philosophy

   Certified as a Holistic Doula at Pacific Rim College, I offer Full Spectrum prenatal, birth, and postpartum services, at an introductory rate, in and around the Red Deer area.

From one mother to another, I can attest that childbirth, regardless of whether you are new or experienced, is a unique and life-changing event, bringing the magic and beauty of new life!

As a birth doula, I approach my role with a mindful understanding of the sacred journey of childbirth.

My philosophy is centered on harmonizing ancient wisdom with current evidence-based practices. Through my support, I strive to empower women to draw upon their innate resilience and help men discover their inner superhero abilities. Couples will find that they will more confidently navigate pregnancy, birth, and life after birth, with the assurance of a compassionate and knowledgeable doula.

I offer a holistic approach to childbirth that centers around a method I call EMBRACE.
 By working with me, you will find yourself:
Empowered to harness
Maternal intuition and,
Resiliently, and
Confidently utilizing
Evidence-based practices.

"I couldn't have done this birth without Carleen. I'll ask her to be there during my next pregnancy and recommend her to anyone who chooses a doula."

~Sonya Laroque

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